Evolve Lab HIIT

“Hit it hard, create evolution!”

We will push your body out of its comfort zone, creating changes at molecular levels in your body, building muscle and training your cardio system to the limit. Using Spivi technology, we will prescribe your training zones to create your evolution.

A circuit based session challenging all fitness levels with a focus on full body applications, including plyometrics and the use of bikes and treadmills. An intense session for those who want to maintain or develop their cardio-vascular abilities.

This session mimics training that professional athletes use to increase their anaerobic threshold and VO2 max output (baseline measurements of cardiovascular fitness). Using our Spivi heart rate training systems, HIIT training methods are employed in a session that is guaranteed to deliver results; improve your cardiovascular capabilities increasing your fitness levels beyond your expectations.

#evolab HIIT

HIIT for 45 Minutes

In each session expect to hit it hard. It’s an experience that will challenge, inspire, burn fat and push you to evolution that you never thought possible.

Burn up to 1000 calories

The harder you hit it, the more you will burn. This 45 minute blast will fire up your metabolism and leave you feeling invigorated after pushing your body and mind to new limits

Prepare to get sweaty

Based around different stations, with rounds of super high intensity anaerobic work, followed by short periods of rest

Choose your trainer

Expert instructors to push you to your limits.

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