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Our strength class uses science to transform your body and destroy your limits. Our EvoLab-Stength has been constructed to give you an effective, well balanced full body workout. With smaller class sizes and intelligent programming, we’re passionate about helping you build strength, endurance and confidence whilst improving your technique and skill.

This class is set away from the cardio, focus on improving strength and primal movements, keeping everything functinonal for all over health. Systematically alternating between upper body, lower body and core, across multiple working rounds. A strong focus on form, tempo and technique, for the ultimate total body burn.

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Rip it up for 45 Minutes

Be prepared to give those reps until you drop, with compound moves designed to sculpt and define.

Build functional strength

Designed around different stations, each with a different focus including: strength, power, conditioning and core. Keep your body guessing and work to your own capabilities, one station at a time.

Total Body Strength

These workouts focus on a full body workout to help you push, pull and lift your way to a stronger you. Build functional strength that will keep you healthy and strong.

Choose your trainer

Expert instructors to push you to your limits.

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