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About Us

“Knowledge is power!”

The concept is simple; Your evolution, our science.

Welcome to FitLab, a boutique training studio with a team of instructors who have ‘elite’ level experience in their field. We use science and the latest training techniques and technology to get results for our clients. Whatever your level of fitness, whatever your goals; FitLab is a community that will help you reach those goals. FitLab is raw, its functional, its for real people who want to push it to the limits, regardless of ability.

With boxing roots at its core, FitLab offers a wide range of classes from, strength and conditioning, HIIT, boxing lessons, spin, boxing fitness and nutrition advice. We want to build a community within our studio so that members can be part of a team who will motivate and drive each other forward. Share your purpose, inspire others. Come and inspire others at FitLab.

Meet The Experts

The FitLab team comprises of a select group of elite trainers, including Sussex’s most respected boxing coaches, ex-champion boxers and current professional fighters, alongside nationally recognised strength & conditioning coaches and experts in health and well-being.

Using experience, the latest technology and a science-based approach, we aim to get the best version of you.

In the Community

WBC Cares is a worldwide organisation set up by the WBC to enable boxing to give back to society. WBC Cares UK , the UK arm is under the Chairmanship of Scott Welch an ex professional boxing champion.

Our goal as a member of the WBC Cares Community is to give young people an opportunity that they would not normally have. To motivate, inspire and create young positive people. With the mindset of a champion and the attributes to match. We will teach them life skills and ways to be able to deal with all aspects of life and negativity. We will try and help this youngeters grow into young individuals who have the ability to grow into valued members of the community, to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams. To give them the confidence and self worth to help them live life to the full.

Follow TheMovement

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. When we get together and find what connects us, our world gets a little closer. Let’s find more that brings us together. From all of us at FitLab