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Welcome to FitLab, your top-tier fitness hub right in the heart of Worthing. With the most advanced equipment and highly affordable memberships, we’re unrivalled in value and quality.

Join our inclusive community, driven by a team of elite trainers, including renowned boxing coaches and strength conditioning experts. Regardless of your fitness level, FitLab is designed to inspire and challenge you.

Experience an evolution in your fitness journey with FitLab Worthing. Show up, join our vibrant team, and we’ll guide you to your fitness goals. Your transformation awaits at FitLab – the best and most accessible gym in Worthing. Start your fitness lifestyle here, today!

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Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. When we get together and find what connects us, our world gets a little closer. Let’s find more that brings us together. From all of us at FitLab